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Custom-made mezzanine floors

Profielnorm supplies more than 2,000 new mezzanine floors every year. To give you some examples, you will find Profielnorm case studies here. These mezzanine floors are built and delivered entirely based on the customer’s specification.

System integration mezzanine floors in 3 halls

Quick facts:
  • Surfaces: 3,500 m2 (two mezzanines together), 180 m2, 380 m2, 2,120 m2 and 740 m2 
  • 6 mezzanine floors for system integration in 3 different halls for our customer
  • Total height of two of the mezzanine floors is 4,720 mm
  • Partly with chipboard and partly with grating, due to fire regulations

The challenge:

Our customer, a company in supply chain solutions, wanted to use the space in their distribution centre optimally, using Profielnorm mezzanine floors. There is around eight kilometres of conveyors present in the building, we needed to build our mezzanine floors in a specific way that the conveyors would go up and under our constructions.

Our solution:

Profielnorm offered a mezzanine floor solution for 3 different halls to support the fully automated order process flow of the customer. We completed 6 mezzanine floor constructions including a lot of step-overs and stairs to make sure that all positions in the whole system could be reached easily.

A large project with a lot of variation

Due to good coordination in advance and intensive communication with the customer throughout the entire process, all the various components were installed on time and to our satisfaction.

- Henry van der Graaf,
Project Manager

How to use the available space optimal for a company in supply chain solutions

For a company in supply chain solutions, we delivered a lot of different constructions for a new, ultra-modern distribution centre, storing 150.000 different articles, mostly perfumes, in a building of 38.000 m2. There is around eight kilometres of conveyors present in the building, going up and under our constructions. Profielnorm developed system integrations mezzanine floors for 3 different halls for this customer.

In hall number 2 we installed two mezzanine floor constructions for building a sorter on a height of 2,450 mm. These constructions have a total size of 600 m2 and have a grating floor. To support the conveyor belts in this hall, an extra construction with a surface of 180 m2 is installed. To give access to the surrounding of the sorter, we developed and installed a catwalk on a height of 2,450 mm with a length of 63 metres.

The next step in this project was hall number 3. This mezzanine floor has a total surface of 2,120 m2 and has partly wood and partly grating as floor finish. To optimise the safety and usability, stairs, pallet gates and railing are added to this mezzanine floor. The height of the floor is 4,720 mm. On the mezzanine floor is a sorter installed, and there are workstations that give access to the highly automated shuttle solution system of the customer. In addition to this mezzanine, there is also an extra mezzanine floor construction built in hall number 3. This mezzanine supports the conveyor belts on a height of 5,000 mm with a surface of 380 m2. Extra special in this hall is the skywalk we installed. A great skywalk with a length of 20 meters, going above the sorter and hanging free for 9 meters to give access to a mezzanine in the building on a height of almost 8 meters.

Finally, we installed a system integration mezzanine floor in hall 4 at the company. This mezzanine floor has a total surface of 740 m2, and a total height of 4,720 mm. The floor finish consists of partly wood and partly grating. Also, on and under this mezzanine floor, there are workstations that are connected to the automated shuttle solutions system.

To complete the whole installation, we also delivered a lot of step-overs and stairs to make sure that all positions in the whole systems could be reached easily.

Have a look at the photos of these system integration mezzanine floor constructions. Are you also looking for a way to optimise your automated order process flow? Contact us for more information or feel free to request a quote online.
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